Bargain Alert!! Topshop Makeup Haul

Hello blogging world, pleased to meet you!

So this was not going to be my first blog post, however I was so excited by my amazing bargain Make-up finds courtesy of my local topshop, I just had to share.


I know the price labels look a bit shabby in the pictures but I thought I’d leave them there just to show you guys that I wasn’t making this up. I mean 50p, I almost felt I robbed the store.

So what did I get?

The first 2 items are quads. let’s just take a minute to sigh and admire the sleek packaging. I just love the clean edges of the clear Perspex casing.


The first quad on the left is a creamy based highlighter. On swatching the highlighters they provided nice pigmentation with just one swipe of the finger. Not that I would want too much pigmentation in a highlighter product anyway. My favourite colours are the bronze toned shades. I think these will be useful for achieving a dewy sun kissed look. The lightest shade has quite large chunks of glitter in it, I’m undecided as yet as to how I will use this as I’m not a huge glitter fan. Even if I don’t use it the rest of the colours are a steal at 50p.


The second quad is a creamy eyeshadow quad. These I think will be really useful as I like to use this type of product as a base for my eyeshadow looks. For cream products they have nice pigmentation without being scary.
Again I like the bronze shade best. Hmm bit of a pattern here.


The other two items I got were both lip products. I didn’t think much of the lip marker until I swatched it in store. Big mistake!! It found it’s way home with me also. The pigmentation is very bright. I shall be trialling this at work this week as I am interested to see how it fades. Dodgy fading is not a good look but If it passes the work test then it will worth the risk though for 50p.


So what do what about you? Have you ever come across amazing makeup bargains in the topshop sale? it’s worth a little look.