Gatineau Strategie Jeunesse Eyepads – Reveiw

2015/01/img_2215.jpgThese little eyes pads from Gatineau are designed as a treatment for special occasions, when you want to look that little bit more refreshed and awake.
Gatineau claim that after wearing these for approximately 10-15 minutes you will be left with an eye area that has less dark shadows and plumper skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Priced at <a href="http://

2015/01/img_2229.jpg“>£34.50for six pairs, the pads are individually wrapped and soaked in a marine based collagen solution. The pads themselves are cloth based, rather than some of the cheaper rubbery feeling pads, some other brands have to offer. So before I get down the nitty gritty I would just like to say I didn’t actually purchase these myself, I received one pair as part of January’s look fantastic beauty box. As these are not cheap I’m glad I have had the opportunity to try them before committing to making a purchase.

So, here are my before and after pics, apologies they are not very glam.




Well, I can’t say I’m overwhelmed. The second after picture initially looks like there is a noticeable difference. I wanted as close a like for like comparison as I could achieve. The second after pic tells a very different story. There is no difference in purple shadowing what so ever. I do feel they do look a bit less puffy though.

I don’t really think that I saw enough of a difference for me to be rushing out and buying these. This is reinforced by the price point attached to them. for £5.75 a treatment I want clear visible results, these just don’t so that. At best they are a nice pick me up but I can get that from a similar product at a much lower price. One redeeming quality they do have though is that they do stay in place better than other pads I have used, you can move around with out them falling off.

Maybe I should just stick to cucumbers? If do have any suggestions for alternative eye pads leave a comment below.

Bye for now, Katy