Family time – Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

Family days out are something that I treasure, particularly when your partner is a shift worker, opportunities can be a bit scarce. Nether the less we try to make the most of the free time that we do have.

Last Sunday we visited the Warner Bros studios in Watford. If you didn’t know already this is the home of ‘the making of Harry Potter’ tour.
This is a behind the scenes studio tour, which gives you the opportunity to see the actual sets, props and costumes used within the Harry Potter films.

Throughout the tour you are let in on some of the filming secrets that the filmmakers use to create the magic we see in the films most of us know and love. Some of the sets are huge, the attention to detail makes you feel like you are actually within the film. It’s very clear that a lot of love and care went into recreating J K Rowlings imagined world for film.

At the start of the tour you find yourself stood at the very doors Harry himself stood at when he first arrived at Hogwarts. These towering doors are then opened and you find yourself entering the great hall, just like Harry did.

From here you are left to make your way through the 2 studios (aptly named J and K), at your own leisure. Along the way there is the opportunity to fly a broomstick in your very own film, try the infamous Butter-beer, and have a go at casting spells. We took so many photos, that the rest of this post is very picture heavy, you have been warned.
















This is an expensive day out, so it’s worth planning and saving for it in advance. Die hard potter fans would be hard pushed not to part with a small fortune in the gift shop, it really is a potter fans heaven. We came home with three wands for the kids, and a very empty purse. I did manage to treat myself to a Griffindor notebook, I needed it, honest.

Have you visited the Warner Bros studios? What did you think? We had a fantastic day.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂