HealGel Test – 10 day update

Hi guys, today I am here to update you on the current product test I am carry out. The product in question is HealGel, I am seeing whether prolonged use can improve one of my scars. The original post can be found HERE, do check it out as this will tell you more about the product in greater detail.

Well let’s get on with sharing my results as they stand at 10 days, used once daily. I found it very hard to recreate the lighting from first picture so the comparison is not exact. Please bear this in mind.


I don’t feel there is any change to the colour of my scar, it actually looks darker in the second picture, this could be the lighting though. What you will not be able to see from the pictures, is that there is an improvement in skin texture. Before I started using HealGel the damaged skin tissue was quite wrinkly and puckered around the edges. After 10 days use there is less puckering and the skin feels smoother. This i expected as the ingredients are designed to puff up the skin. So there has been some improvement.

What I am finding annoying is the packaging, it’s very stiff so I’m finding it hard to squeeze the product out. This is just a minor irritation though as I am only using a small amount each time. I shall continue with using HealGel in the way that I have been, and then get back to you in another 10 days. Can you believe we will be in February by then?