Take 3 Beauty Samples – The Estée Lauder Edit

Hi, guys I’m a bit late with my samples post this month, mainly as I really wanted to have a play with the generous size samples I had, before sharing my thoughts. 

You might have already guessed from the title that all the samples this month are from Estée Lauder. 

A couple of weeks ago I popped along to the Estée Lauder counter in my local Boots store. I’m currently on a mission to find my holy grail foundation. I had heard that if I visited one of their counters the Beauty Advisor would use their i-match tool to help find my perfect colour match, they would also send me away with a ten day sample to try out at home. 

Well let’s just say the Beauty Advisor, Lesley, was amazing. Not only did she sort me out with my foundation, but also she gave me a mini skin consultation and make-up application as well. Thank you Lesley, I needed a pick me up that day. 

So what what are the samples I received?

  • Clear Difference Anti-blemish Serum.
  • Advanced Night Repair Eye. 
  • Doublewear Light, shade 2.0.

What did I Think?

First up I will talk to you about the Clear Difference Anti-blemish Solution. This stuff does not come cheap £44 for a 30ml bottle. Steep price tag aside though, I need this in my life. 

The serum is designed to be used after the cleansing step of your skin care regime. It contains mild levels of Salic acid, an ingredient known for it’s skin clearing properties. Products containing Salic acid usually irritate my skin but as the levels are so mild you get the benefits wothout it stripping your skin of moisture.  It also contains glucosamine- a, which helps to even out the surface of the skin and unclog pores. 

The sample I was given lasted me about a week. Before I started using the serum my forehead was feeling very bumpy, and I had hormonal spots on my chin. After a weeks use the bumpyness on my forehead was gone and my hormonal breakout virtually gone. Overall my skin felt smoother and just looked lovely. 

Will I purchase it? 

Hell yes! My birthday is in a couple of weeks and my dad usually gives me some money as a gift. It will be going towards this. As I said before – I need this in my life!

The second sample I had the opportunity to try was The Advanced Night Repair Eye, priced £40 for 15ml. I received a couple of sachets of this so got 3 days use.

Now, the name of this is confusing as it suggests that this is to be used as part of your evening skin care regime. On reading the sachet though it says to use it both AM and PM. I don’t think I have a much of a chance to form a valid opinion in this other than it felt nice on my skin and I did not wake up with puffy eyes, like with my previous eye cream. 

Would I buy this?

Yes, as i feel I want to give this a go further. I’m going to get it in the £49 gift set  though with the advanced night repair serum as I want to give that a go also. These are all minis but is a great way to try out these products, considering their full price Rrp. 

Last up is the Doublewear light foundation in shade 2.0. As the name sudgests this is a longer wear foundation but coverage is lighter than the original Doublewear formula. 

What did I think? 

Well, I don’t dislike this foundation, but it’s not, the one. Let me explain why. For me it all comes down to coverage, it just doesn’t conceal my inperfections enough. The first picture is shown with just the foundation, no concealer, powder etc. 

The second picture is with my finished make-up.

As you can see the colour match is spot on. Those hormonal spots are still glaringly obvious though. 

Longevity wise though this is good. I took this picture after a four hour trip into town, it was pouring down with rain as well. Hence the frizzy hair. Other than the fact the rest of my make-up needs a touch up the base is still looking good. 

Would I buy it? 

I don’t think I would purchase the light formula as if I’m paying £29.50 for a foundation I don’t want to see my flaws peeking through. The colour match is so good though I am intrested in trying the original formula. So I’m considering making a purchase of that. 

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to sample these products before parting with any money. It has saved me from spending out on a foundation that isn’t quite right, but has also introduced me to a skin care item that I’m more than willing to part with a considerable some of money for. I certainly wouldn’t have done without Sampling it first of all. 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂