#LushChelmsford Mother’s Day & Easter launch – bloggers event

Today marks the launch of Lush’s Mother’s Day and Easter range. Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend Lush Chelmsford’s launch  evening. 

On arrival we had to chance to enjoy some lovely juices and some naughty snacks. 

We then got down to business, as the team lead us through all of the new products, with fun hands on demonstrations and games. Let’s just say there was lots of glitter, bubbles and laughing. 

The evening was extra special as this was the very first bloggers event that Lush Chelmsford had held. Not that you would know this, if they hadn’t shared that piece of information, as the Chelmsford team did an amazing job.  What did come across in their presentation is how passionate and knowledgeable they all are about the products they are selling. 

The lovely Chloe, from brazenrouge, enjoying getting hands on with a butterball. 

The highlight of the evening involved us all having a go at making a butterball bath bomb, to take home. This is my absolute favourite bath bomb, so I was delighted to be having the opportunity to do this. 

We were also gifted a couple of products each, from the new range, to take home and try. I chose the pot of gold, £3.50  and the pink Immuclate eggseption, £6.95. Top marks for including chocolate bunnies in our goodie bags, this girls easily pleased when chocolates involved. Don’t judge me! 

Reveiws on these products will follow next week, so keep your eyes peeled for those. As a little teaser though look what happens when you crack open the Immaculate eggseption. How cute is that chick. 

Stand out products from the range so far for me are Bunch of Carrots, £5.95 a re-usable bubble bar. This is 3 mini-carrots tied in a bunch, that can be used individually to get several baths. These produce an amazing amount of bubbles and smell lovely thanks to the inclusion of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils. I shall be taking a trip back to lush during the next week to pick myself up a bunch of these. 

Secondly the ‘somewhere over the rainbow soap’, £4.25 per 100g, Is another item I shall be returning for as it’s so darn pretty. check out the lustre in the picture below. This contains rose absolute mandarin and neroli oils so smells amazing as well as looking pretty . 

If you want to check out these exciting new Easter products you can get your hands on them from Lush online Here or pop I to you nearest Lush Store. 

Lush also have Mother’s Day covered with this great selection of gift sets. The Yummy Mummy products are limited edition released especially for Mother’s Day. The colour of the shower gel reminds me of Palma violets. 

Have you seen any of Lush’s new releases yet? What’s tempting you? 

Thanks again to the lovely team at Lush Chelmsford, we had such a fun evening. Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Disclaimer – I have received products to reveiws, but opinions expressed are my own.