Lush Immaculate Eggseption reveiw – with help from the kids!

Hi guys, so today’s post will be the first of a mini-series of reveiws, dedicated to Lush’s Easter collection. Last week I was lucky enough to attend the  #LushChelmsford blogger event, you can check out my previous post all about this by following the #Link.  Some of the products I will be reviewing I have been gifted for reveiw, and a couple I returned to store for, post launch evening, as I just had to try these out at home. 

I decided to get my boys to give me a hand testing these goodies out, they love a bit of Lush just as much as I do, particurly products with a novelty play element. 

Today’s product is the Immaculate Eggseption bath bomb, priced at £6.95. First off let’s address the price point attached to this as I probably Initially thought the same thing as what a lot of you may be thinking. “£6.95 for a bath bomb, is she for real?”  This isn’t any ordinary bath bomb though, it’s actually something very unique and special, so in my opinion worth the money. 

Why, you might be thinking? We’ll let me explain myself. Most Lush bath bombs you only get one use out of, and cost around £2.15-£3.65 each. This though used wisely, will give you three lovely smelling baths. So if you do the math, it’s actually not that bad. 

The unique novelty element to be had also provided my sons and myself with a lot of fun. Lush have come up with such a cute concept. If you break the egg in half, by lightly tapping it on the bath, inside you with find a smaller chick shaped bath bomb. How friggen cute is that ? 

We have saved this to be used another day, along with one half of the shell, which make up your three uses. 

Todays use resulted in a lovely fragrant pink coloured bath. I expect when we use the chick we will have a yellow bath, we shall see.  

If your more interested in the fragrance of you bath than novelty element you won’t be disappointed with the Immaculate eggseption either. Ingredients include vanilla absolute, and lemon and grapefruit oils for a zingy uplifting bath. Yum!!  

You can pick one of these up for yourself from Lush’s online store Here, or pop into your nearest store. I like to visit the store myself as the staff are always so friendly and helpful. 

Have you picked up anything from Lush’s new range yet? Or are you planning to? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂