Weekend pamper session – Lush Mask of Magnimity & Dove’s Hair Therapy intensive repair mask. 

It’s the weekend and that means there is time for a little bit of pampering. Cue a hot bubble bath and me slathering my hair and face in various different masks. Yup I look a sight!! 

This weeks picks included Lush’s Mask of Magnimity £5.50 and Dove hair therapy  intensive repair mask £1 from Poundworld. This one was a bit of a bargain.  


So, how did I get on?

The Lush mask is a multitasking product, it can be used both on the face and the body. I just stuck to my face though, as I only had a small sample, I had recieved with an online order.  


This felt very tingly, almost like when you have toothpaste on your face. I put this down to the inclusion of peppermint oil as one of the key ingredients. This was not an uncomfortable feeling though, as when the mask dried, the tingling died away. 

Other ingredients include marigold oil and chloropyllin, to help calm and clear blemishes, and evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to exfolliate as your rinse the mask away. 

This left my skin feeling very refreshed and clean. It’s too early to tell if this has made a difference to my blemishes, but I like how it left my skin feeling. 

Next up is the Dove hair therapy intensive repair hair mask. This is a 2 step hair mask, that is self warming.  


The first step after you have washed your hair is to apply the cream based mask from the included sachet, and then apply the self heating serum. This is then left on for approximately 3 minutes. 

This included Keratin as one of the ingredients, it has left my hair feeling very smooth and soft. Usually the ends of my long hair can feel dry but after using this the ends feel very nourished. If you come across this in your local pound shop pick one up if your hair needs some TLC. I will be grabbing a couple next time I’m in town for my stash. 

Have you tried any of these masks, if so what did you think of them? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂