Take 3 Beauty Samples – Burberry, Maybelline & Yours Truly Organics

Hi guys! I’m Back again with another edition of ‘take 3 beauty samples’. This month I’ve managed to gather together some pretty awsome samples. 

  Two of which are products that I have really wanted to try out, but could not justify a purchase of right now. That’s why I am so excited to get my hands on these samples. 

First up is Maybelline’s dream flawless nude foundation £ 8.99.


 Since this appeared on the shelves a few weeks ago I have really wanted to give this one a whirl. Who doesn’t want second skin foundation? 

This claims to be a an ultra lightweight and finely textured foundation, whilst still providing full coverage. There are seven shades available though I can’t quite work out what shade this is. All it says is 21. 

So what’s my first impression?

Umm, I’m really on the fence with this one. It really is a lightweight foundation, and does provide good coverage, in terms of colour that it’s anyway. I had a huge red spot on my chin, and it has neutralised the redness completely. Where I have an issue though is I can see every single bump and imperfection through the foundation. Weirdly though this has not translated into Camara as in this picture below my skin looks amazing.  

This is literally just the foundation, no concealer or powder.  


Basically it’s left me confused, I can’t decide whether I like it or not. In fact it’s made me want to go and my it now as I feel i need to trial it some more. Doh!

 If you want to see a finished face with this foundation, this next picture is a very basic one using, Mac mineralised skin finish in sterio rose, rollerlash mascara and the Burberry lipstick. 

Moving on to sample number two, this is Burberry kisses hydrating lip colour in the shade sepia. I can’t quite still believe I got this as a free sample. It as to be up there with one of the best samples I’ve ever had, I got this through their recent twitter campaign. 


The quality of the packaging is just stunning, check out that embossing on the bullet as well. Great attention to detail Burberry. 

  In terms of the formula, this glided on easily. I did expect it to feel a bit more moisturising than it does, particularly as the name contains the word hydrating. Fortunately it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips. 

I put this to the test with a hot cup of tea shortly after applying, and it didn’t budge. No manky lipstick marks on my mug, so a big thumbs up there! 


 Shade wise this is actually very close to my natural lipstick colour. The swatch looks quite sheer, but on my lips anyway, this is not the case. It’s a perfect my lips but better shade, one I would be happy to have for everyday use. 


As you can see from this pic I’m very pleased with how it looks. I’m considering having a peek at the other shades on offer and making a purchase as I’m quite impressed with this one Burberry. 

The last sample is from Yours truly Organics, and is their fix me repairing serum.  This sample I recieved in this months YouBeauty discovery box. 


Hmmmm, this was just weird. The serum was a lot runnier than expected, and left a sticky film on my skin. Not a feeling I liked at all, so had to use a different serum to get rid of that dry sticky feel. Yuck! 

The only redeaming quality I can think of is that it’s an organic product. I won’t be purchasing this one as I just plain hated it. Sorry guys!