Are you applying you eye cream correctly?


 So as it turns out, for years, I have been applying my eye cream incorrectly. Not in a massive way, but enough that a few tweaks to my technique has made a huge difference to the effectiveness of my eye cream, and as a result has improved the overall appearance of my eye area. 

You might be thinking, hang in a minute, how does she know this? We’ll let me explain. A couple of months ago I visited my local Estée Lauder counter for a skincare consultation. The consultant went through my skincare routine with me and gave me some tips as to how I could improve it. 

A couple of months on I have actually seen the benefits of these little tweaks, so I thought it would be a good idea to share what I had learnt. Apologies in advance for the manky no make-up, turbaned haired pics, I’m  keeping it real here. He He. 

1. Apply the cream to the edges of the eye socket in three seperate dots of eye-cream. Then you can either use your ring finger to either sweep the cream across the undereye area in one fluid motion or to lightly pat it in. 


 2. Don’t forget to take the cream up beside you eye, where you would expect crows feet would form, (I wasn’t doing this, and starting to get fine lines). Fortunately this area is no longer starved of moisture and these fine lines have disappeared. Result!!


 3. Tap the eye cream residue left on your finger across your brow bone. Avoid the lid though as the skin here is a lot finer, and eye creams are not designed to be used on this area. 


 The brow bone is another area I was neglecting, I had always assumed eye cream was just for the under eye area. In doing this though this should help to keep that area supple and reduce droopy lids. 

4. It’s very tempting to use more cream than is necessary, however this can actually make the area below your eyes appear more puffy. 

I can concour that this was another mistake I was making. Now I am using a smaller amount of eye cream, my eyes are far less puffy. Again Result! 

With just these minor tweaks to how I was applying my eye cream has seen great results. I wish I had foreseen to take some before and after pictures, but hindsight is an amazing thing, annoyingly. 

Have you any other skincare tips? Do share in the comment section below. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂