Face Mask Friday – Superdrug calming facial sheet mask 

If I’m not going out then I love to kick back on a Friday with a face mask. 

As my skin is recovering from a bit of a breakout, I’ve been left with a couple of red looking scars. This seemed the ideal to to try out this calming sheet mask £1.29 from Superdrug


 The sheet mask is soaked in a herbal blend of green tea, cucumber and aloe Vera juice. 

It claims to revive the completions radiance and to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. 

So how did I get on?  


Well apart from looking like I’m about to go a comit a murder, I did find this an enjoyable experience. 

The face mask did indeed feel very cool and soothing on my face. The delicate fragrance added to this refreshing feel, I would probably describe it as a fresh clean smell. 

It can’t really say that I saw any amazing visual results from using this mask. What it did do was leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I also felt very relaxed. I amagine due the soothing nature of the ingredients this mask would be great fix if you have perhaps has a bit too much sun. 

In fact I think I probably will keep one of these on stand by to test this theory out. No matter how careful I am my skin always likes to turn a bit pink in the sun. Damn Irish genes!

Have you tried this mask before? Do you have an suggestions of other similar face masks to try? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂