Weekend Pamper session – In:Fused Coffee & Coconut Scrub


Hi guys! For this weekends pamper session I decided to dig out a product that I have had a couple of months, but for some reason kept putting off using. 

This is the coconut coffee scrub from Infused body.com. This retails at £18.99 for 200g of product. 

In:fused coffee scrubs claim to be detoxifying scrubs that will help with cellulite, stretch marks and eczema. I don’t suffer from eczema but do have the odd stretch mark and some cellulite that could do with some attention before summer really kicks in. Coconut is also known to help with this aswell so this coffee scrub sounds just what I need right now. 

The packaging of this I think is great, it is in a resealable gold bag, like you would expect coffee to come in. The bonus of this being it helps with keeping the product fresh. 

The only think I did find was that it was a bit tricky to get in with wet hands. This is no biggie though as you can always decant the product in advance, before  getting your hands wet. 

As you can see the product looks just like traditional coffee, texture wise it feels very gritty. 

The smell of the scrub itself is my favourite part, I’m a bit of a coffee fiend anyway. If you were feeling a bit groggy in the morning have no fear as this will certainly wake you up. I can’t say that you can really smell the coconut, but then I guess the scent of coffee is naturally stronger: 

To use you simply dampen your skin and then rub in the scrub. After leaving it for 7-10 minutes you then rinse of with the help of your normal shower gel. I stuck with the theme and used a coconut scented shower gel.

Please don’t be horrified by the nasty pic of my leg, let’s just say you do look at bit of a mess covered in all that coffee. 

 I do feel moisturising is essential after using this as I felt the coffee dried my skin a bit. This could just be me though, I used to work in a coffee shop and my hands would always feel dry from working with the  coffee. In this case though It wasn’t anything some dry oil spray couldn’t fix.

My only major niggle with this scrub is the mess it makes, put it this way I wouldn’t use it after I had just cleaned the bathroom. 

When it comes to  reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch mark it’s to early to tell whether this has had any effect. My skin did feel smoother, in terms of it effectively removing dead skin though. 

As I like the smell so much I will continue to use this. I’m not certain whether I would rush out and purchase this, mainly due to it’s price tag.

What I would like to so is have a go at creating my own coffee scrub. If you have any recipies please share in the comments section. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂