Weekend pamper time – LUSH toner tabs. 

Hi guys, I hope you are having a good weekend.

 I have just got back from a trip into town with the kids, we have been hunting down costumes for a Star Wars  themed party we are going to on May 4th.

 I hate shopping on a Saturday it’s to busy, by the time I got home I definately felt I needed some relaxation time. A DIY facial was just what I needed. 

Thanks to my recent Lush order I was able to do just the thing. I had decided to add a couple of the toner tabs that had caught my eye on the numerous occasions I had been checking out their website. 

  I picked up both the tea tree tab £1 and Dream Steam, which is a bit pricier at £2.50. This is infused with rose absolute, chamomile and tea tree oil. 

 Now here’s the thing, make sure you have read the helpful Instructions on Lush’s how to use section as the first one I did last week I had used a bit wrongly, so didn’t really get the full benefit. I’m just glad it was the cheaper tea tree one that I messed up and not the more expensive one. Phew!!

  Any way how these work are by dropping a tab into a bowl of steaming hot water, WHISLT (that’s the important bit) your face is over it. As the tab bubbles and fizzes away it realeases a cloudy steam of essential oils to gently cleanse and moisturise your face. You then pat your skin dry and follow with a nice moisturiser.  

As you can see from this very strange picture I’ve found a towel helps to stop the oil infused steam escaping. This pic is from last Saturday morning, I promise I didn’t go into town in my PJ’s Ha Ha! 

 Lush describe the tabs as half way between a cleanser and a moisturiser. I’m not entirely sold on the cleansing aspect, other than it’s logical that the steam will open your pours up hopefully extract some nasties. 

In terms of moisturisering my skin it did feel soothed, particurly after using the dream steam tab. My skin has been very dry and tight feeling at the moment due to a reaction to another cleanser. After using this it feel more comfortable, and noticeably less tight feeling.

 The picture below was taken after I had used the dream steam toner tab, my skin definately appears to have a healthy glow to it. 


Would I buy these again, hmmm I not sure.  They were nice to use as you inhale the scent of the oils so they are very relaxing. I can’t say they have had a wow factor though when it comes to the effect on my skin.

 I do  like idea behind this particular type of product though. I think a more cost effective way of enjoying a DIY steam facial would be to invest in a bottle of essential oil and just add a few drops to the water. 

What do you think? Have you tried any thing like this before? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂