Murad Clarifying Cleanser – Use with caution

Hi guys! 

Today I wanted to talk to you about a cleanser that I have been using for a while. This is Murads Clarifying Cleanser £25, which is part of Murad’s blemish and spot prone skin range. 

  I bought this last year as part of a trial kit, along with the Skin Perfecting Lotion blemish control £34

  At the time my skin was suffering a series of breakouts. I was due to be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding, so I was getting desperate and nothing seemed to he working. To begin with all was fine, my skin started to clear up nicely. After a roughly week of using this though I had run out of the lotion. Not thinking much of it I continued using the cleanser, BIG MISTAKE!! My skin had completely dried out. It felt dry, tight, Itchy and was peeling. Yuck!! 

Anything I put on my skin to help just burned, not good! After a bit mental of deduction I decided it must be the cleanser causing it so stopped using it. With some careful TLC, sure enough my skin returned to normal. 

Now, that I had got to the bottom of my skins problem I could have jumped straight in with the bad reviews. The blogger in me though decided to do a bit of research before hand. I wanted to know whether anyone had had a similar experience.

 It didn’t take long for me to come across a couple of negative reviews citing a similar problem. There was loads more positive reveiws than negative though, the problem had to be my skin type. 

I would say I have combination/normal skin. I get a spotty T-Zone, but do not have the classic dry cheeks.The picture below I think demonstrates this well, you can see the faint scaring from areas I’m prone to breakouts.   

The high concerntrate of Salicylic acid in this cleanser was just too much for my skin. I don’t need something this strong for a daily cleanser. I do reach for it once a week though, as a deep cleanse, ensuring that I don’t skip the skin perfecting lotion step. I also add a Hylauranic Acid based serum to help lock in moisture. This is mainly because I’m unwilling to part with such an expensive cleanser though. 

Would I buy it Again? 

No, not because it’s a bad product, it’s just not right for my skin. This is for those that really suffer with oily spot prone skin, not the occasional hormonal breakout. 

It’s my opinion also that you shouldn’t use this cleanser without the skin perfecting lotion as it contains a combination of ingredients, Retinal, queen of meadow extract and arnica that help to balance the skins oil and moisture levels that can be removed by the cleanser. 

So what have I taken from this experience?  

Um, don’t automatically think I need to go for the strongest blemish fighting product I can find, it can sometimes do more damage than good. Yup, quite a lesson learned there. 

Have you tried this particular cleanser before or ever reacted badly to a product? Do share you experience in the comments section. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂