Payday shopping trip Part 1 – Primark Haul

Yesterday was the start of our families pay month, which means pocket Money day yay! 

Ok I know that’s a weird thing for a 33 year old to say but this is when that bit of money I’m allocated from the household budget, to spend on whatever I like, comes my way. So yes I am basically like an excitable child, clambering to get out and treat myself. Usually I have spent the week before hand planning what I’m going to do with it. 

This month was no exception, I needed new gym kit. I’m spending more time in the gym now and some of my stuff really has seen better days. So I headed to Primark having seen on ITV’s this morning, a couple of weeks back, that it was pretty good stuff. This resulted in the usual thing that happens on a Primark trip, I come home with some extras. 

So enough waffling, this is what I got;

Grey Marl cropped leggings -£6 These are great as not only are they seam free but they also are made from a quick dry fabric. Ideal if you are sweaty Betty like me. Yep it comes with exercise! Yuck!

Fluorescent Lime cropped top – £3.50

I won’t be missed in this get up, it’s so bright. Not that I street run, but this would be great for someone that did.

Lastly some Trainer liners £2.50 for 7 pairs. 

  Slightly boring but essentials, I do think the colour selection is fab though.  

Now on to the extras, yep the bits I didn’t go in for, but bought on Impulse.

 Printed Tee – £3

  I’m loving my printed t-shirts at the moment, I actually have 2 others of this cut in different prints. Like a magpie with shiny things, the print on this one jumped out at, there was only 2 on the shelf tucked away amongst all the others, so it had to be done. 

White mesh lace pumps – £4  


I love these pumps, so practical yet still pretty and feminin. They will look great with denims and summery dresses. 

Yellow gold coloured necklaces £1-£2   

I’m loving the layered jewellery trend that is going on right now. These are so dainty and perfect for creating such a look. Obviously they are imitation gold but who cares for that price?

Lastly, is a tiered summer dress that is just stunning. It set me back £13 but bought else wear it would easily have cost a lot more.  

 The print and contrasting colours I just love. I can’t wait for some prolonged warmer days to throw this on with some sandals and maybe a denim jacket in the evening. Tres Boho chic! 

So that’s all I picked up in Primark, not bad considering I spent a total sum of £35. Have you done any Primark shopping posts lately? Do leave your link below, I’m a nosy bugger and would love to check it out. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂