The £3.49 Aldi serum that has changed my skin – Why Hyaluranic Acid is its’wonder’ ingredient. 

I am a bit of a skin care junkie. Over the past few years I have tried all sorts of products each claiming to have that latest key wonder ingredient. Queue dodgy selfies!!


To be honest with you it can be a bit of a minefield when stood in the skincare aisle faced with all those products and having to make a choice.

With a combination of trial and error, professional skincare consultations and some Internet research I think I have finally managed to pin point the key ingredient that is most relative for my skin needs.

This is Hyaluranic Acid. I won’t lie, untill I was told about this particular ingredient, by a professional skincare consultant I hadn’t paid much attention to it before. Having tried a few products that include Hyaluranic Acid, I can officially say I’m sold. This is what my skin had been missing.

So what exactly is Hyaluranic Acid? It sounds a bit scary to someone not in the know, but actually it is a natural component in all our bodies. It’s job being to help maintain skins strength and elasticity.

Another clever property of Hyaluranic Acid is that it has the capacity to retain many times it’s weight in water, thus making it super hydrating when used in skincare.

As we get older the natural levels of hyaluronic acid decreases. This is why products containing it are so great for our skin, regardless of skin type.

Now you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to find some great products that contain this. One of my best finds is a £3.49 serum from Aldi’s skincare range LACURA. This is the Aqua-Complete muti intensive  serum.


 I use the serum in both the morning and Evening before my moisturiser. I really  have noticed the difference in how my skin looks and feels. It really has made my  skin feel plumper, firmer and look so much healthier. I honestly don’t think my  skin has never looked better. IMG_4182

This is one product that is going to make it’s way into holy grail status. I actually  featured it in last months favourites post here.

Have you come across this particular serum before? What did you think?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

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