My latest thrift store find – getting over my snobbish attitude!

Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you a little treasure I picked up on a recent trip to a local charity shop. 

    I love having a little snoop around every now and again just to see what treasures I can find. Gone are the days when I used to only venture in if I needed a retro dressing up costume. Shamefully I would  spend ages looking around before entering just to make sure no one who new me could see me shopping in one. Yup, how stupid is that.  

Thankfully I’ve shaken of that awkwardness. I think it was because I used to think that people who shopped in thrift stores did so because they were poor, and had no other choice. How lame is that!

For a start it is so not the case. Thrifting for many a person is a smart life style choice, regardless of whether you have to watch your penny’s or not. When I look at other peoples blogs who are into thrifting it often amazes me the unique treasures they find. 

So yeah, confession time over, let me show you my latest find.

This is a cast iron plant stand I believe. It’s  friggen heavy anyway, I know that because I lugged it home in my back pack. Original use besides I have it say pride of place in my newly decorated bathroom storing all my LUSH goodies.  

 I think it looks fab, and goes perfectly with my outdoorsy industrial theme I have going on. 

What do you think of my latest find? Do you love or hate a thrift store? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

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