Lush Avobath Bath Ballistic review and demo

Hi guys! 

With a little bit of help from my 8yr old son Jed, we tried out Lush’s Avobath bath ballistic £3.35.

 Scented with lemongrass and bergamot oils, this provided a very uplifting feeling bath. Jed thought it smelt of lime though. 
Ingredients such as avocado and olive oil mean that whist you relax in the bath your skin is being treated by all the hydration benifits they provide. So this is a great one for those with dry skin. 

I can confirm that this did indeed leave my skin feeling lovely and soft, but without leaving any greasiness. The bath didn’t become too slippery either, like for example if you have ever tried Lush’s butterball bath ballistic. 

Visually this was also very pleasing. It left the bath a vivid green colour that shimmered with a subtle lustre. I don’t think the photograph below really does the lustre effect any justice, you can see how vivid the green is though. 

Thankfully it didn’t leave any horrendous residue when I emptied the bath, result as I didn’t have to scrub the bath afterwards. 

We filmed the bath bomb in action so you can see the magic for yourself. 

[wpvideo Qzgx8cjX] 

So overall thoughts? 

The smell if this is really lovely, it has a very uplifting effect. It also has enough of a visual appeal if this is a priority for you when selecting  a bath bomb. I would definately pick this one up again. I just need to get myself down to Oxford Street now to get my hands on the Avobath shower gel as well. (Sigh! The wishlist is growing) .