OOTD – Primark Workout gear review 

Today I’m bringing you an OOTD post with a little bit of a twist. This is no fashion post, nu uh!

I have decided to share my thoughts with you on Primarks workout range.

I rejoined the gym a couple of weeks back and needed to get my hands on some new workout gear. Not wanting to fork out a lot of money I popped into Primark as I had previously seen they had some great looking bits at very reasonable prices.
In the end I picked up a pair of seam free cropped leggings and 2 sports bra type crop tops, all combined came to under a tenner.


Having completed a few workouts wearing these I can tell you that they do the job quite nicely.

The seam free leggings at £6 are perfect. They have a nice high waist band that stays put.  This is a must when I’m working out as I hate having to worry about losing my bottoms.

The fabric is lightweight and quick drying so there are none of those nasty sweat patches. The only thing I did find though was that my legs felt very warm in comparison to the rest of my body. This is not a problem outdoors or during the winter months but on a hot day I would probably opt for a different pair.

Moving on to the tops now. These are so much better than I expected. I did think I was going to have to double up with a more heavy duty sports bra underneath, in fact the first time I did actually do this. Having worn the grey one again since minus the bra though this did give me enough support.

The neon top though is thinner so for modesty sakes I’m still wearing a bra underneath.

Its worth bearing in mind that as my bra size is a small 34b I get away with less support. If you had a larger busy this definitely wouldn’t provide enough support.

I have bunged these in the washing machine a couple of times and have a no problems, they still look good with no shrinkage. I air dry them though as I don’t believe that they would fair well in a tumble dryer.

Overall I’m rather impressed by Primark’s workout range. It’s low cost and good quality. When I need some new kit this will be one of the first places I look.

What do you like to wear for working out? Do you go budget or do you prefer the typical brands such as Nike and Adidas?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂