The £2 MUA contour trick

For quite some time now I have been on a mission to find a matte liquid contour product. I’ve had countless powder based kits but they just didn’t seem to be providing the overall finish I was looking for. 

This search wasn’t made easy by the fact my demands were high. I wanted a flawless natural finish with no hint of shimmer or orange, easy to blend and would stay put most of the day. All of this I wanted for a budget friendly price. Ha one can dream right?

This has been quite some search let me tell you, and I was starting to think that I wasn’t going to find it. Having shared my woes with my little sis and fellow blogger Ashlieghsbeateaparty, and the girl on my local No7 counter we came to the conclusion that such a product didn’t exist, unless I forked out a tone of money that is. It was suggested to me though to try a dark foundation instead. 

So this is when this little bargain product jumped out at me from the shelves of Superdrug. This is MUA’s Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation in Almond. 

  Surely this couldn’t be the one? And for only £2 ?


As you can see against my fair skin as a foundation this would be way to dark. It’s the perfect shade though for creating that desired shadow when I contour.  The amount squeezed out here was far to much, a lit bit of this is all that’s needed. Bonus! It’s going last me ages. 


Once blended out this really does give me that chiseled cheek I’m after.  

I then  applya wee bit of my normal foundation and blush on top, as I need to put the colour back into my face, I now have my perfect natural looking contour. Tah Dah!  Not bad is it? I haven’t even put any eye or lip product on yet. 


So for only £2 I’ve found a product that ticks all those boxes from my high maintance list of requirements. 

This is my finished face on this occasion, I have to say I felt pretty good about my appearance that day.  


How do you contour? Are you a liquid or a powder girl? Do you like to use foundation to contour? Do share you recommendations in the comments below. 
Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

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