Kick starting my pre holiday exercise plan with Slendershake 

Hi guys! 

In a few weeks time I shall be heading off on a family summer holiday. I can’t wait to spend a week chilling out by the pool with no housework, cooking and all that usual malarkey. 

Trouble is along with that holiday comes a week wearing  mainly a bikini. Agggh crap, I’m so not prepared for that yet. 

Now before I get a load of abuse for worrying about my relatively slim body in a bikini, I do still have the same insecurities as any other women. 

At the start of last year I had reached a point where I had to admit that my relationship with food was not healthy. I used to exist on a slice of toast and a banana a day. My weight dropped drastically, I’m not sure how low it got but size 6 clothes were hanging off me. I looked awful, not that I was willing to admit at the time. I felt very unwell and couldn’t actually get myself through a normal working day.  

A year and a bit on I have addressed the issues surrounding my extreme weightless. I’m now what would be considered a healthy weight. I’m a size 8/10 now. Typically though the weight has distributed itself around my thighs and hips and is starting to resemble a combination of cellulite and muffin tops where my jeans are a tad to tight. 

Now I know I can do something about this, but in a healthy way, and  not by starving myself.

I have joined the gym and am exercising 4 times a week. I’m also trying to make better choices with what I eat. 

The lovely guys at slendertoxtea have also sent me a 14 day pack of their slender shake meal replacement. 

  This I intend to have for breakfast over the next 14 days as a kick start to my exercise program. A 28 day program is priced at £36.99. Combined with a healthy diet I hope to get myself a bit more toned and those too tight jeans fitting a bit better. 

Today I made up the shake with just water. The acacia berry and tropical flavour meant it tasted quite nice even if it did look a bit funky. The appearance is very different to what I was expecting, being named a shake I presumed it to resemble this in appearance. It’s actually more of a thick cordial type drink. 


You can mix it with yogurt and fruit according to your personal tastes. I intend to experiment with this tommorow. Today I want to see how full this leaves me feeling bearing in mind it is a meal replacement shake. 

As this is made from natural and organic ingredients I’m not concerned about putting anything harmful in my body. I’m looking forward to seeing if I benefit from some of the products claims.

  • Aids digestion 
  • kind to the skin
  • Increased energy 
  • Healthy weight loss. 

I’m not organised enough to be having a before picture yet, it will come though I promise. In two weeks time I shall let you know how I  got on. I’m considering an update half way though as I’m not planning on dropping loads of weight it may not be necessary. 

Have you tried either the slendertoxtea or slendertoxtea shake before? How did you get on?