Facemask Friday – LUSH cosmetic catastrophe 

A couple of weeks ago I went along to a blogger evening at my local lush store. One of the goodies I came away with was a pot of my very own cosmetic catastrophe face mask to try out at home.  

 If you want to read more on that post you can do so Here

Back to today though and let me tell you more about this mask. 

As part of Lush’s fresh face mask range this one focuses on the benefits of antioxidant ingredients. Hello blueberries and  camomile! 

Other ingredients include calamine and almond oil designed to sooth the skin. 

Used straight from the fridge I found this super refreshing and cool feeling on my skin. I have had some angry spots recently but when I used this last Friday it seemed to help reduce and sooth the angry redness. This will be going on my face again tonight. 

The only negative I can find to comment on is the large bits of blueberry in it, they just felt a bit odd. Mind you that could be because this was part of a batch we had a go at making ourselves on the evening? 

This is one I would pick up again, I love a Lush face mask anyway, but the soothing properties of this particular one stand out for me. 

Are having a face mask Friday today? I would love to see what you are using.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂