LUSH’s The Big Blue BathBomb  Review 

Today is a lovely lazy Sunday, football season is over, so I had time for a little lie in and an  indulgent bath this morning. 

That meant having a rummage through my Lush stash, to see what goodies I could find. Ah ha joy, I still hadn’t used the The Big Blue bath bomb £3.35 I had picked up at the last Lush event I went to.  


Containing kelp, a type of seaweed, this is meant to simulate the scent and calming effects of the sea. Now I love that fresh sea air smell so I had high hopes for this.  


As you can see in impact with the water this starts to fizz and turn you bath a stunning shade of blue. As it fizzes it releases pieces of kelp into the bath.  

    You are left with a bath that really does mimic warm azure waters, I was more than happy to kick back and relax, imagining myself somewhere more exoctic. 


Scent wise, this is actually very delicate, I was expecting something a bit stronger scented. It really isn’t, but more of that gentle sea are scent with a touch of seaweed, certainly not that rank smell you get stood by a pier. 

I can’t say I really saw any benefits to my skin, from using this in my bath. Certainly it didn’t feel moisturised or anything, but then it’s key ingredients are not one you would associate with moisturising. This is one to be using if you want a deep cleanse for your body, thanks to the I ngredients sea salt, lemon and lavender oils. 

Would I buy it again? I sure I will pick another on up in the future, but I can’t say I’ll be rushing out to grab another one. This is mainly due to personal preference. I like my baths to leave my skin deeply moisturised, hence why Butterball is my favourite Lush bath bomb. 

If you like something that is visually pleasing, lightly scented and won’t leave you sliding around the tub then this is one worth checking out? 

How do you like your baths to be? Do you prefer something that is going to leave skin moisturised or are you more interested in how it looks and smells? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

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