Lush Oxford Street Exclusive – You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Oil Review

If you are a long-term reader of then it is no secret that I’m a wee bit of Lush fan. So If I can get my hand on the latest and exclusive products I will. Queue one too many lush kitchen purchases, ha not even sorry!  With that in mind I thought I really should share my thoughts with you  on some of these purchases. Today I’m starting with a review of the  You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Oil £2 from Lush Oxford Street store. 

Lush You've been Mangoed bath oil

If I’m correct in my thinking, this is a replacement product for the You’ve been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt. Having used that in the past I can confirm that scent wise this is very similar. It has that same strong zesty scent with notes of lemon-grass. Visually though this is very different. It is much smaller and feels a lot softer than its predecessor. Rather than the orange brick form this resembles a green blob, It is pretty cute though.

Lush You've been magoed bath oil

I popped this into my hot bath and it took it’s time melting. once the green outer shell has melted away a natural coloured core is revealed.

Due to the natural properties of the oil in water this provides a visually pleasing display as it melts. This is not as in your face spectacular as with a bath bomb but there is something pleasing about the inky marbled effect created in your bath water. It reminds me of ink marbling in school.

Melting Lush You've been Mangoed Bath oil

The feel of the water is soft and nourishing without feeling greasy, and it smells amazing! Try to Imagine a scent that is very uplifting. It left me feeling clear headed and ready for the day’s activities.

I have to say I really did enjoy using this product, it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft, thanks to ingredients such as avocado and mango butters. I didn’t feel I needed to worry too much about applying moisturizer so just opted for a sprinkling of Lush’s Silky Underwear Dusting Powder £4.50 instead.

There are loads of different bath oils to be trying exclusive to Lush Oxford Street, they have their own little pick n mix station. Priced at only £2 each these are a fairly inexpensive treat. I regularly spend more than that on a coffee!

Do you like to use bath oils? Do you have any suggested products I need to be trying out?

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