The £3 Mason Jar Candle from Primark

Candles, they’re can be a bit like Marmite, you either love to have them around the home or you hate them. I am very much the former of the two and have a weakness for candles in cute containers and pretty shapes. It’s a good job there isn’t a Bath & Bodyworks in the UK. Perhaps that’s my excuse for getting a bit too excitable every time I spot an affordable cute looking candle.

Queue my latest purchase from Primark.  How cute is this mason jar inspired candle?

Primark Candle

Priced at £3 this was such a brilliant purchase. The Zesty lime fragrance is strong yet not overpowering, and when lit it has a great throw. Secondly, it burns evenly so no product is going to get wasted. The packaging also claims up to a 40 hour burn time, not bad for a £3 product.

If lime is not your thing then there was also an orangeade scented fragrance. I’m guessing that these candles are themed around soda flavours which I love. I’m wondering if there are any other scents available from other stores?  A pink lemonade one would be awesome. Have you come across these in your local Primark store? If so are the scents the same as in my store?

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