Eylure false lashes – A Complete Eyelash Kit for Dummies?

False eye lashes and me do not get on well, I’ve wasted more pairs than I care to remember. With that in mind you would think I would have given up on them already? Ha no I’m a stubborn little madam!

When I saw this complete eyelash kit by Eylure £7.96 available from GorgeousShop.com, I decided to give them another go. Now I have to confess to having this kit for sometime before finally biting the bullet and trying it out. There is actually a newer version available on the high street from the big stores  Superdrug and Boots.

eylure naturalites lash kit


Old model or not this little kit contains all you need to simplify the process of applying false lashes. It even comes with some corner lashes for practice though I have used these for a more natural but killer cat eye look.

photo 3 (2)


The handiest tools I found were the little plastic applicator and the wooden orange sticks. This allowed me to apply the glue to the lashes without getting it all over my hands. Also when placing the lashes it meant they didn’t come away again with my sticky fingers. It was so easy and finally I can wear falsies now I have the correct tools.

photo 4 (2)

I am kicking myself for not actually taking the time to try this kit out sooner. The answer to that original question this really is a lash kit for dummies, yup I’m a dummy!

Have you tried this kit out before? Are you a falsies girl or like me has application mystified you? I recommend this kit for anyone who like me has struggled in the past with application.

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