Mummy Monday – Low cost ideas for keeping kids entertained during the school holidays 

So the school holidays are here, finally yay! I’m a huge fan of breaking away from the routine of term time. It means the chance to get out and do things with the family that I normally struggle to fit time in for. 

Having said that a keeping kids amused for nearly 6 weeks can become rather costly. Fortunately I’ve had a few years practice now at sniffing out low cost activities so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these ideas with my fellow mummy readers;

1. Country Parks are a great place to take the kids. Often with adventure playgrounds, activity trails and sometimes even miniature farms or zoo areas. If you pack a picnic this can be a great  yet inexpensive way to spend a day usually for total sum of paying for parking. Though at some parks parking is actually free. 

This picture was taken on a visit to Thorndan Country Park back in febuary half term where we followed the Gruffalo Trail. So as you can see this is not just restricted to warm weather activity. 

2. Why not pick up a cheap fishing net and pop down to your nearest river for some pond dipping.  

3. Or you could visit a museum, if you do a bit of research before your visit you  can find out which ones have free or donation based entry. We are lucky to have a very good museum close to us in Chelmsford that has regularly changing exhibitions. Currently it is about childhood from the early victorean era up to modern day. 

It also hosts activity days, we visited on Saturday and the kids were able to have a go at throwing a pot on a Potters wheel. 

4. If you want to have a go art and craft activities you don’t actually need to leave the house. We used pizza bases to make stamping tiles recently. We had great fun making note cards. 

5. Most kids love having a go at baking, yes it can get messing but hopefully you will have some tasty treats to enjoy as a result. For the receipe for these nutty cacao balls check out this previous post Here

6. Why not Check out you local cinema for promotional price special kids screenings? Our local Odean cinema has early morning screenings for kids from as little as £2.50.

7. Or you could visit you local library and sign the kids up to join in with the record breakers reading challenge. Once completed they will earn themselves a certificate and a medal. 

I am a huge fan of libraries as they are free to join and borrow books, providing you return them on time. 

A great way of finding out what is happening in your local area is to pick up a copy of your local kids magazine usually available from places such as the library or from your child’s school or nursery. This will have a classified list of all the local kids activities. It’s a great way of finding out about free activities on offer.  

If you have any ideas for low cost  ways to keep kids entertained during the school holidays please share in the comments section below. I’m always up for a bit inspiration.