3 ways to use up that last eyeshadow in your pallette?

As a bit of a self confessed make-up junkie I own a lot of eyeshadow pallettes and quads. I have no problem with this but have found that I will always be left with one shade remaining, usually the darkest shade. Meaning I’m left with multiple pallettes housing only one eyeshadow that I will usually forget about. My recent project 10 pan, which you can read about here, has seen me trying to finish up one of these left over eyeshadows and In the interest of trying to speed up finishing off the stubborn little thing I have been experimenting with ways in which I can use this outside of the bog standard definition shade it was originally intended for. Of course then this inspired me to write this blog post sharing this with my readers.

 This particular shade is a medium brown with a very tiny amount of lustre, fortunately not enough though to reduce it’s versitilty. The most obvious use then was to use this as a brow powder. This provides a lovely natural but defined brow.

Use number two, is to use a flat angled brush and the eyeshadow as an eyeliner. I used the brush dry here as I wanted a very natural look, but used wet you can create a more dramatic look. If you have a little pot of Illamasques sealing gel £8 hanging around this will elevate the intensity even more.

This next use now takes me a little bit out of my comfort zone. I have mixed a little amount of the eyeshadow with some Vaseline. Apllied with a lip brush this makes a super nourishing colour replacement for lipstick and lipgloss.

It looks a bit weird mixed up on the back of your hand but ones on the lips I think it looks pretty dawn good.

So that’s one left over brown eyeshadow used 3 different ways other than as it’s original intended purpose. I’m sure if I continue to experiment I will get though finishing up the rest of it pretty quickly.

The last two uses will work with any shade you are trying to finish up, but I won’t be sporting pink brows anytime soon I’m not that brave!

Do you have any suggestions for other out side of the box uses?

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