Do you wear Make-Up to the Gym?

I have a question for my fellow ladies, mainly to settle my own curiosity. How many of you wear make-up when working out? If you do, do you wear a full face of make-up, or just a little? What are you reasons for doing so? 

Why am I asking this? Well, as I said before I’m curious and I do also have a bit of an ulterior motive. 

I attend the gym regularly and have to say I am a bit of a lazy moo when it comes to my appearance. Its usually timed so that I head out straight from the school run, so my preparations extend to making sure I’m not smelling and don’t resemble the appearance of being dragged through a hedge backwards. 

I also only feel like I have had a proper work out if I’m sweating buckets, sorry grim I know, but that’s how it it. It’s because of this I have developed the attitude of why bother with Make-up at the Gym. I’m going to get sweaty, it will clog my pores making my me even more spotty than I already am and come off anyway? 

What I have noticed at my gym anyway is that some ladies do Indeed work out fully made up and next to them I look like a hideous mess, my flaws are on display for all to see. So yes I have to admit that this does dent my self confidence a bit. 

The answer to this would be just to wear make-up and all self confidence would be restored. A little bit of Mascara and concealer won’t hurt? The more sensible side of my brain though tells me to not be so darn stupid and not give in to my insecurities. I’m there to work out not look glamorous, right? 

As you can see I’m in a bit of quandary with this one. Give in to those insecurities or carry on bare faced flaws on show for all to see. What are your thoughts on this? Are you are do or a don’t when it comes to Make-up and working out? What are you reasons for this?   


5 thoughts on “Do you wear Make-Up to the Gym?”

  1. I don’t wear makeup to the gym (not that I go very often) but I think it’s a little bit silly considering you’re going to get all sweaty and nasty if you take your workouts seriously. I dunno, I think it’s an insecurity thing. Some women that say they can’t leave their house without makeup mean it literally lol.

    1. I know for me it def is the insecurity side that would nudge me to wear it. I get in such a nasty state though I’m constantly wiping my face with a towel anyway so don’t bother. When we were in out very early 20’s some of my friends used to see Gym as a place to meet guys, maybe that’s it? Lol.

  2. I always wear make up to the gym. I don’t put it on specially but I put my normal morning face on and then repair the damage after my gym class. I like to have my nails painted on gym days because it’s a good distraction to have something to look at when you’re lifting weights or doing press ups.

    In my gym there is the full range from no make up to full face with mega eyeliner and lipstick, but then I’m in Brighton where nobody really gives a toss how you look. I actually think it looks great when somebody’s been working out so much their make up is all sliding off their face – strong is the new beautiful, after all.

    1. Thank for your comment. I have my nails done usually as well as that is normal for me. Actually now I think about it as my gym has communal change rooms and I wouldn’t be seen dead with out a pedicure as I hate my feet.

  3. I don’t wear it to the gym unless I already have it on that day. If going in the morning I don’t bother. I end up sweating buckets too and find that my mascara ends up down my face, so I prefer not to have it on. I read somewhere recently that you shouldn’t wear it as it clogs the pores. But if I have it on already, I don’t take it off before working out.

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