Spending ban Update – 4 weeks and counting

Four weeks ago I announced that I would be putting myself on a spending ban. I have some big events coming up  over the next few months and needed to save my pennies for those. I have to say I’m quite pleased with how I have stuck to it this time. 

I usually suck at spending bans and tend to go a bit crazy after a week. I’m like a kid, tell me no and I want to do something all the more.

 I do have to confess to one slip up, I forgot to cancel my YouBeauty discovery box subscription. Though at £6.95 it’s not a large amount of money so I’m going to let myself off that one. 

Karma though has been on my side, I was very lucky to win a Lush giveaway hosted by Becky at Becky Bedbug. Receiving these goodies has settled my urge for new things. 

  I also came back from holiday to find several beauty samples in the post from freebie websites. If you want to find the websites I use then check out this post here. 

My non-spending has meant I have been able to book flights to Edinburgh for my Husbands birthday (we are going to see the Foofighters and Royal Blood), without doing my usual and using a credit card. See, I’m growing as a person ha ha. 

As we are off to Las Vegas for a friends wedding in October I will be continuing my spending ban for another 2 months at least. My only concession to this is that I am not going to cancel my YouBeauty subscription, at £6.95 it helps settle that urge to splurge. 

All in all I’m happy with how things are going. A lack of shopping posts has meant being more inventive with my content, which can only be a good thing for my blog. It also means I am having a bit of a de-clutter and finishing up old products, which is an added bonus. 

If you are on a spending ban let me know as we can keep each other on track. I know I could do with it. 

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