When Bloggers Behave Badly!

I feel very disappointed that I felt the need to write this post, but today I have experienced first hand Bad Blogger Behaviour. 

What am I talking about? I’m talking about abusing a brands generosity, and I’m now going to tell you a little story. 

As an attendee of the upcoming #bloggersfestival organised by Scarlett London I recently received an email update that also included the opportunity to have a personal diary/planner made by Toad Diaries which could be collected on the day of the actual event. There was a form to fill in and this was offered on a first come first serve basis, to which a set amount where available.  

 The lucky winners recieved an email with a code and instructions how to order the planner from their website. All good so far. Right? Not quite.

Everything was going great untill I tried to confirm my order, it wouldn’t confirm it. “That’s a bit weird” I thought, it must be a technical glitch, so I sent an E-mail to customer services at Toad Diaries for help. They were great and looked into the cause of the problem very quickly. It turned out this was not a technical glitch. A blogger had been sharing the code with other people who hadn’t recieved it so they could also get their mitts on a freebie. This was why when some of us went to process our orders we couldn’t as the quantity limit had been met. 

Aware of what had happened the original code was disabled and intended recipients have individually been sent a unique one-use code. The original winners will still receive their planners.

I cannot compliment the customer service team enough on how they dealt with the situation. For them not only is it embarrassing but it could also be very costly to them. The situation has been put down to a few bad apples abusing their generosity, and that not all bloggers behave this way. 

As a blogger though I feel so disappointed by this type of behaviour. I have no idea who the guilty party was or even if it was more than one blogger sharing the code. This type of behaviour however ruins relationships and trust between brands and bloggers. It could put brands off working with us bloggers all together. 

It is also very disrespectful to Scarlett who works very hard at organising blogging events such as the #bloggersfestival. 

Freebies and PR samples are a perk, just because someone has a blog it doesn’t mean that there is entitlement to receiving these. Abusing a brands generosity and trust is not on, with the  best case scenario being it gives us bloggers a bad name for a while. Worst case? Brands will no longer want to work with bloggers and return to prioritising celebrity endorsements etc.

All I can say is if you feel tempted to pull such a trick please think twice before you do. Not only is it morally wrong but it could also be deamed as fraud. Most importantly Bad Blogger Behaviour is damaging to our community. 

I love to here your thoughts on this.


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