Lush Cyanide Pill bath ballistic – Review 

Long term readers will know I absolutely love Lush. This has to be my  favourite store for all things toiletry related. So of course given the opportunity I had to pick up some exclusive goodies from Lush’s Oxford Street store. The Cyanide Pill bath ballistic was high on my wish list, mainly for they unique novelty factor it offered.  

Scent wise this is a lovely delicate citrus scent, nothing to strong or over powering. If you want something that is refreshing and mind clearing then this scent is for you. 

 Where the the cyanide pill really shines though is in it’s visual appeal. Once dropped in the bath it fizzes rather aggressively turning your bath a sunny yellow color. It’s orange core realeases tiny silver lustre which sparkle on the surface of the water.  

  Along with that lustre is popping candy! This I love it is something totally unique as you sit in the bath listening to the gentle popping sounds.  

After you have had you bath you skin is left with a very subtle silver shimmer, because of this this would make a great addition to any pre party preparations.  

 So, I have to say I’m loving this particular offering from Lush and will be picking another one up the next opportunity I have. If you like fresh scents and don’t mind a little bit of lustre then I would recommend you try this one out. 

Have you tried out the Cyanide Pill from Lush? Can you recommend any other Oxford street exclusives I should be trying out? 

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