St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan 

This is one product I have been meaning to try out for a while. I have not one but two 50ml sample sizes from beauty sub boxes, typical me though I kept forgetting to bring it into the bathroom with me. Now I’ve finally temembered to use the St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan £14.50, 200ml available from boots I thought I would share my experience.

  To use, after washing you apply the lotion in a circular motion to your wet skin, wait three minutes and then rinse off with warm water (no soap). Sounds easy doesn’t it? 

In theory yes, the problem I had though was reaching my back, I just about managed it. I also felt a bit silly standing around butt naked in the bathroom, but hey ho it’s only for three minutes right? 

As far as tanning actually goes this does work, one application was enough to top up my holiday tan. Expect a light glow rather than a dramatic heavy tan. For me this is perfect as I’m not a fan of anything too dark, I’ve had some horror story experiences with too dark tanners. This though didn’t do that. 


What I will say is this, don’t moisturise afterwards, especially with a spray lotion. It runs and you will get a streak. How do I know? I learnt this the hard way after  my first attempt at using this. Yup I had a white trail down the inside of one leg whoops! As the tan lasts I had to wait till this faded, so not ideal. Let’s call that user error though not a fault of the product itself. 

I suggest using this in the evening, allowing it to develop overnight, before applying any moisturising lotion. It also gives a chance for the mild tanning lotion smell to fade. 

Overall this is a good product once you get used to using it correctly. This isn’t an instant tan so takes planning if you a want to be tanned for any particular upcoming events. So not one for last minute prep. It is an easy way though to incorporate tanning into your everydayroutine provided   you can spare the 5 minutes to use it that is (application 2 mins, waiting time 3mins). 

I will be purchasing the full size of this to use, next time I’m looking for a special occasion tanning product as I like the type of tan effect it gives. £14.50 is a bit much for me to justify spending on what is ultimately an extra and not a nesscesity to my daily routine. I like the product enough to part with the cash as a treat for special occasions. Christmas parties, weddings, blogging events? This will be my go to. 

What are you thoughts on fake tanning? Would you try this type of product out or do you prefer traditional tanning lotions?