The #BigBloggerConference 

Yesterday I was fortunate to be able to attend the much anticipated #BigBloggerConference. If you didn’t know already this event was organised by the @LDNMeetup twitter network. The trio of bloggers, Lauren, Jenny and Abigail have a talent for arranging excellent events that are to the benefit of both bloggers and brands. 

The conference was held at The Russell Square Hotel in Bloomsbury London. We were treated to a morning of educational blogging workshops with some excellent guest speakers, followed by a Brand Exhibition in the afternoon.

Elizerbeth Sellers a Pro Blogger and UK brand Ambassdor for Pinterest UK, talked to us about how Pinterest can be used as a tool to generate blog traffic. I could go on for an entire blog post about this as it was so interesting. 

Let’s just say I had been using Pinterest in totally the wrong way with regards to sharing my own content. Today I have spent all day fixing this, my boards are now organised, with well described pins and get this You can now pin directly from my blog to Pinterest hassle free. 

I was so excited I had a bit of a fangirl moment tweeting Elizabeth with my progress. She was lovely though and checked out my page and pointed me in the direction of how I can tweak it to improve it even more. Do check out her blog Rosalilium.Com, I’ve been having a good old read today and it’s great. S’mores Pie Recipe, yes please!

Next up we had a talk from Jasmine Charlotte about SEO and SMO. This girl knows her stuff, I knew a little bit about Search Engine Optimisation already but the idea of Social Media optimisation is something I knew nothing about. 
I loved her talk as I’m turning into a bit of a tech geek. I get as excited about the tech side of blogging as I do creating the content itself. Her blog has lots of useful blogging tips post as well as some great lifestyle features. 

Lastly we had a talk from Sarah of all about ways in which we could monetise our blogs. I know there is great debate about this at the moment as some people see blogging as a hobby and others would like to make a career of blogging, but it was interesting to know what opportunities you could have if you put the time and effort in to growing your blog. 

Even maintaining a small blog takes a lot of time and effort and not to forget site hosting fees so I be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t want to see any financial gain from it in the future. 

Tricky subject over we had lunch in Russell Square park. I met some lovely fellow Essex based bloggers who educated me on the new live streaming platform Periscope, I hadn’t a clue. I think I’m going to give it a go, maybe? We shall see If I have the guts – Eeek!

Lunch over we had the chance to attend the Brand exhibition. This was great fun, making  connections with brands, and going on a twitter scavenger hunt. This idea was inspired girls, well done! 


Bee Good Natural Skincare


Heaven Silver Bee Venom Masks from Deborah Mitchell

There was even the chance to have our hair done by the talented stylists from The Parlour London. 
Check out my braided crown of hair, this was perfect for keeping me cool as it was such a hot day.  

We were very lucky and came away with a goody bag as a result of our twitter scavenger hunt. I’m looking forward to trying out some of these goodies and sharing my thoughts about them here on the blog in the future. 


So all that’s left for me to say is a huge thanks to Lauren, Abigail and Jenny they arranged a super conference and I was honoured to be able to attend.   

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  1. Omg you’ve uploaded like a hundred posts since this! Came through to my email and i’ve been meaning to read it. I loved this day and it was nice to see you again 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t chat too much, was a but caught up but im sure well see eachother again soon x

      1. Thanks hun. It’s basically finished but then there was an error with one of the girls name (no1 knows who she is) so I have to wait for the guy to get back next week so he can remove it. What a shame ey! x

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