Mummy Monday – 10 lies I’ve told my kids 

As mums and Dad’s we have all had those times when we’ve told our kids a bit of a porky pie, just to make life easier. I thought I would share with you 10 of my finest. Yes it’s confession time!

1. I’m sorry, the tooth fairy was busy tonight so she couldn’t get round to visiting all the children, that’s why she hasn’t come – (Crap I’ve forgoten again!)

2. You see that light in the smoke alarm, it’s a video camera, it feeds straight to the North Pole now behave yourself – (Self explanatory really.) 


3. I have no idea what happened to the last of your Easter Egg, Sorry!

4. Mummy’s not hungover she ate something dodgy. 

5. Mummy needed another new pair shoes, her feet have grown.


6. The bells on the Icecream van mean that they’ve run out of Icecream, sorry no Icecream today. 


7. When it rains it is because God is taking a shower. (Why I’m not sure?).

8. McDonalds burgers grow on trees! (Well that’s what the mural in our local McD used to depict, so I’m going with it).

9. (Insert child’s best friends name) always eats his peas, his mum told me so. Now come on eat up and be like you friends. 

10. Daddy was just helping Mummy with her exercises. Undressed why? I didn’t want my clothes to get all sweaty. Awkward! 


Come on fess up, what lies have you told your kiddies?