Shopping my Stash – The Bodyshop Peppermint footcare range 

I hate to admit this but my poor feet are looking a bit grim at the moment. They deserve a pamper as through laziness I’ve been skipping my evening foot cream. Whoops!

It was about time then that I delved into my stash for something to help them out. Hello The Bodyshop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak £7 and The Bodyshop Peppermint Intense Foot Rescue £9

Not only does the foot soak feel great it smells AMAZING! This is a bit of a duel purpose product really as it sooths aching feet as well as the scent clearing out any wooly headiness you might be feeling.

To use all you do is dissolve a small handful of salts in warm water and then soak your feet whislt kicking back and doing something relaxing. Me, I chose to pick up a book. I’m currently reading Linsey Kelk’s Always The Bridemaid. That lady is funny, with a capital F!

After a good soaking I dried my feet before giving them the once over with a foot file, to remove any dead skin. Yugh I know!

I then applied the Intensive foot rescue which left my feet smelling and feeling all lovely and soft. This is a lovely thick cream that isn’t too greasy so absorbs well. Kind of a must have really if you don’t want to be sliding around all over the place after using it. Again the peppermint smell of this is soooo good!

Feet all fresh and pretty looking this was the perfect time to be trying out a new nail polish from Lottie London. I have the shade stand out which is a very metallic gold. I received mine in my #bigbloggersconference goody back but you can pick these up from Superdrug priced at £5.99.

I really should treat my feet to a pamper a bit more often, it’s one of those areas that I tend to neglect. Naughty me!

Have you tried anything from the Bodyshop Peppermint foot care range before? Are you kind to your feet or like me do you tend to neglect them a bit?

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