Anti-age v Anti-acne – The skincare woes of my 30’s

Who would have thought that in my thirties I would still be worrying about spot prevention? It’s so annoying, Not only am I on a constant battle to keep those inevitable wrinkles at bay but I’m also trying to balance this against those pesky spotty outbreaks. No fair! 

Let’s just say I have tried a lot of skincare products whilst on my personal quest to find those that work for me. There has been plenty of trial and error along the way. Some products have been a complete no no, as my skin likes to react, joy! (I’m look it you Claryfying Cleansers)

The key to meeting my skincare needs seems to be about achieving balance. I need products that will cleanse and de clog pores without drying out my skin. If a product is too strong all the moisture is stripped from my skin causing reactions. 

My skincare has required somewhat of an overhaul in recent years, those trusted products that worked in my teens and early twenties will actually make things worse now. Think peeling dry flaking skin that is tight and sore, interspersed with hormonal outbreaks. Ouch! Yuck! 

What I have found is that I need to be taking a gentler approach to my skincare. Products that contain natural or organic ingredients are my friend and do not cause a reaction. This seems to be the way forward.

In terms of anti-aging I am making sure my makeup and skincare products have an SPF in them as well as a focus on providing maximum hydration. Hydrating products are definately a 30 plus gals friend! 

For a while I was worried about putting any intensely moisturising products on my face as I was convinced it was the cause of those outbreaks. A couple of skincare consultations later though it turns out I was wrong. A lack of hydration was actually a contributory factor to those outbreaks. My poor skin was dehydrated so overproducing pore clogging oils to overcompensate, meaning hello spotty outbreaks. 

Alas lesson learned, I have developed a skincare regime that is currently working for me. 

Here Is a little peek at some products that in combination are working well for my 30plus skin. 

REN skincare combination to oily skin range is an anti blemish system that actual works for my skin without drying it out too much. I actually featured in in my August favourite post here. It is gentle enough for those of us that need little help with spot control but don’t need a product containing strong ingredients such as artificially produced Salicylic acid. 

The active ingredient is willow bark extract which is a natural source of salicin that converts to salicyclic acid  inside the body. You still get the anti imflamitory benefits of Salicylic acid but in a gentler way.  

I’ve actually run out of this kit at the moment and have noticed my skin is missing it. It will be one I repurchase in the future for sure. 

The next product is Dr organics Snail Gel £19.99 from Holland & Barret. 

  This is a super hydrating product that also helps with anti-aging thanks to the active ingredient Helix Aspersia Muller, that’s snail slime to you and me! 

The high levels of collagen, elastin and anti-bacterial substances found in snail slime make this a perfect skincare ingredient. 

Lastly The Bodyshop Tea Tree Toner £5.50 and Blemish Fade Night Lotion £10 are products that I use as part of my evening skincare routine. 

I feel my skin needs that extra cleaning help after wearing makeup all day. 

The antibacterial properties of Tea Tree oil is well know as a spot treatment. I have to confess I used to apply pure tea tree oil to spots when I was younger, it stand like crazy silly me. Now I’m older that is way too much. This is a milder solution that is much more appropriate now I’m older. 

That’s just a few of the products and ingredients in particular that I have found work well on my skin now I’m in my 30’s. As a bit of a self confessed skincare junkie I do like to try out new things, so the products I use change regularly. These though are products that I will invest in again in the future. 

Typical beauty blogger though I have a back log of skincare products I need to work through before that happens. 

Have you found your skin care needs have become more complicated as you have got older? What is your main concern, skin clearing or anti-aging? 

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