Freedom Cosmetics Pro Blush & Highlight Palette Review 

Hot off the success of Make-up Revolutions launch a year ago It’s creators have brought out a sister brand Freedom Cosmetics London.

Focus is in providing professional quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Now I have to admit I was a bit meh about the original launch. Surely this is just Make-up revolution with a different name? So I didn’t rush out to try anything.

My interest was peeked though when I had the opportunity to try this pallette as one of beautycrowdpro’s member deals. Well it would be daft not to! I snapped one up pretty sharpish, and I’m so glad I did. My pre misconceptions about the brand  were proven to be quite unfair. This palette is pretty darn good!

The Pro Blush & Highlight Palette in bronze & baked is priced at a very purse friendly £6. It would make a great choice for someone that is looking to start experimenting with contouring or who is on a tight budget. 

The palette contains 2 matte bronzers and 6 shimmering highlights enabling you to experiment with different looks.

As you can see when swatched all shades are highly pigmented. Texture wise it doesn’t disappoint either with no hint of chalkiness.


I found that the matte shades are perfect for contouring as there is no hint of orange to them.

I’m so glad more budget brand make-up companies are moving away from only producing darker orange bronzers (well on my fair skin they looked orange). A few years ago you would have to look to the higher end brands for a bronzer that suited paler skin. Thankfully the budget make-up brands have all upped their game. Anyway I’ve digressed slightly.

Packaging wise this is actually very similar to what you would expect from Make-up Revolution. I would say though that with it’s simple white lettering against the glossy black Freedom is actually a bit more sleeker looking. Bonus points also for including a decent sized mirror!

Now I have tested the waters with Freedom Cosmetics I’m keen to see what else the brand has to offer. The pro melts lip glosses look very interesting.

If you wanted to check this palette out for yourself it is available from beautycrowd at the super value price of £6.

Have you tried anything from Freedom Cosmetics before? Feel free to recommend anything else from the brand I should be trying out.

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