September Favourites – snail gel, city love and superheroes!

Its that time again, another month has passed, so it’s time for a round up of  the things I have been loving in September. 

Setember has been a busy one with back to school and the re starting of all those kids clubs. It also has meant more time for me for things like heading to the gym and out for the odd lunch. This is how I stay sane! 

Not that I wish time to pass quickly but I am excited for what October has to offer. I have a couple of blog related Events coming up, my next module for Uni starts oh and did I mention the Husband and I are off to Las Vegas. Yes I did about a thousand times as I’m freeking excited! 

Any way babble over, what have I been loving this month? 


The stand out skincare product for me this month has to be Dr Organics Snail Gel £19.99


Yes I know it sounds grim, but this stuff is amazing. I use if as an extra step before my usual moisturiser. The difference in my skin since I have started using it is enough to put this up there in holy grail status. 

I have mentioned here on the blog several times my struggle with spotty skin and the scaring it leaves behind. I still get the odd pimple, yes I can call them pimples now rather than mountains, but they clear up more quickly. Oh and that scaring, has greatly reduced. 

I feel for the first time in a long time that I have skin confidence and can leave the house with a naked face. Yes this definately deserves a Holy Grail status!  

These sparkling bath tablets from Kneipp also deserve a special mention. If you like a bath bomb then these are an alternative worth trying out. The smell of this arnica variety is fab and is great for soothing tired aching muscles. For a full review check out the this previous post here



We visited Edinburgh to see the FooFighters and to celebrate my Husbands birthday early in September. I feel I left a little bit of my heart in that city, it is beautiful, rich in history and home to some fab people. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will return there one day as there is so much to see in the city.  

I took loads of pictures that you can see in this post here, but here’s one for now. 


I say T.V very loosely. I tend to rely on streaming a lot of what I watch now. Yes I’m one of those that will box set marathon something untill I’ve finished it. 

My top picks for September are;

DC’s Arrow, big words as I’m usually a Marvel girl, and Orange is The new Black. 

 This may have just been an excuse to include this pic, man older Oliver Queen is hot! 

Image courtesy of DC Comics

So that’s what I have been loving in September. 

Before I sign off I just want to say a big hello to my new followers, be it WordPress, Bloglovin, Twitter or my Facebook page, your support is appriciated. 

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