#MummyMonday – The perils of trying to study when you have kids

Today is a little bit of a tongue in cheek reflect on the difficulties faced when trying to juggle being a student and a parent. 

I have just started my next module for my Business Studies degree with Open University, after a very short break period. It is the impending dread of returning to juggling the kids needs and my own deadlines that has inspired today’s post. 

Is it just me? Or have any other student parents experienced any of this;

‘(Insert child) drew on my homework!’ 

A slight twist on the ‘My dog ate my homework excuse’, but this has actually happened to me. When I started my studies the youngest was 5 and into drawing regardless of what he was drawing on. Well it will teach me to not leave my work lying around the house I suppose.

You now have to set a good example 

Gone are the teenage college days where I could slack off a bit. No, as a parent I have to be seen by the kids to be actually setting a good example and actually be seen doing some studying. 

Yup, if I’m not doing my homework I can hardly get on their case about not doing their’s. The flip side of this though my grades are better as an adult student. Why? I’m actually studying and not out dancing away at Dukes (yes I spent far too much time in that local hotspot).

Not only that my husband as taken on the parent role of telling me off if I am slacking. The times he has caught me scrolling through twitter for me to have to quickly hide my phone. Ooops!

“Mum, Mum, Mum!!”

Have you ever noticed everytime you try to get a little bit of study time, this is the queue for those “Mummmm!” moments. 

Why is it that they decide now is a great time to have a battle amongst themselves, hurt themselves, need a drink, snack, need that toy they’ve lost or suddenly want to play Monopoly with you? 

“Mum, What are you doing? Why?”

Its Sod’s law that when you do actually manage to settle down and get the books out you are now suddenly the most interesting person on the planet. Yes those little treasures are suddenly interested in what you are doing and seem to have a tonne of questions about it. Oh and the answer can’t wait, they want to know now! 

“I’m not interested in what your doing, but I’m going to Create as much noise as possible whilst your at it”

If your lucky enough for them to be happily playing and not intersted in you, result! Oh no don’t let this fool you. No, playing very loudly in the doorway of whichever room you choose to study in is suddenly very necessary. Why???

Battling for use of the computer or that sacred wifi connection

To be fair this is not a problem that is limited to just student parents, I think all students suffer with the wifi connection problem. 

I am talking about that student parent problem of sacrificing your study time to the dead of night when you really should be sleeping. Yes this can often be the only time the computer is free especially of like me you have teens. Most of their home work is now computer based and guess who’s needs come second. Yup you the parent! 

So yes, glad I got that off my chest. Any other student mummy’s or daddies have anything to add to that? 

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