Pinterest vs Reallife – The oil & vinegar wood restoring trick

As promised in my previous Pinterest vs Real Life post, I have another one of my experiments to share with you. 

This time I’m testing out whether or not you can treat scratched woodwork with just a bit of Olive Oil & Vinegar 

My dining room table is OLD!! It’s solid and structurally has nothing wrong with it just looks like it could use some serious TLC. So yes the perfect candidate for this experiment. 

The original Pinned post suggested you use 1 part  vinegar to 1 part olive oil. I only had white wine vinegar rather than distiller vinegar so made do with that and an old tea towel. 

All you then do is is then dip the tea towel in the mixture and rub it into the table. 

No here’s the answer to that question, does it work? 

To a certain extent yes. There is quite a big difference between the before and after picture. This isn’t going to result in brand spanking new looking furniture but the result is worth the elbow grease put in. 

The only thing I will say is the vinegar stinks. I had to burn a candle after to get rid of the smell. It’s not enough to put me off doing this again when my table is looking sorry for itself.

So This weeks Pinterest was another win for real life. Result! 
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