Mother Nature can do one! – Really but your period is “good for you?”

Okay be prepared I’m having a mini rant, oh and if you don’t like TMI look away now. 

I’m actually upright for 5 minutes in bed writing this post whist I’m having a reprieve from the god awful cramps Mother Nature gifted me this month. Am I looking for sympathy maybe? Nah I’m just having a menstral stop!

This text message exchange with hubby is all you need to see to set the scene.  

So yeah I’m not a happy bunny right now and I’m feeling rather sorry for myself. 

On that note I’ve decided to remind myself why my Period is actually good for me.

I’m not pregnant!! – Thank Christ for that I’ve dodged that bullet again (initially does a little dance, before the cramps start). 

This womb is officially closed for business, 3 kids down I’ve done my fare share of contributing to ongoing human exsistance. 

Hello flat tummy! – Well for a couple of days anyway. Oh and I didn’t have to do a single stomach crunch!

Yes, post monthly tummy is so much nicer to look at than the bloated mass it was a week ago. 

Time to grab those skinnies, that only fit for approximately 3 days of the month, and wear them to death. 

I get away with “hiding” in the bathroom. Anyone else find the bathroom tends to be the only place they can hide?

 I just have to mention anything “Period” related and no one comes near me yay! 

Chocolate be mine! – It’s  the only time I get away with that “hormonal craving” excuse to stuff my face with chocolate. 

This may have happened this morning. FYI I’m #sorrynotsorry!  

Sorry hubby no sex tonight! 
You know when your knackered and just want to sleep. Just throw the “Sorry hun I’m on” line out there and hey presto no further excuse needed. 

Spotty skin be gone! – Anyone else find their skin reverts back to it’s teenage form a couple of days before the beast appears? 

Those hormonal outbreaks will be gone for another three weeks. Mind you they might also have something to do with all the chocolate eating that goes on, he he! 

Now this one is kind of serious. I may hate my period but it does mean I’m a healthy functioning women, if we forget about the monthly complications that is. But yes skipping a period can be a sign of ill health or stress, not just a sign that you need to go scarpering for the nearest pregnacy test. 

And breath!!  Rant over! I’m sure a lot of you ladies can relate though. 

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