The #GiftOfLife 

When I die there will not be a rich Inheritance. Some life Insurance yes, but just enough to help out my family. 

In terms of material wealth, I most definitely am not rich. My body though is very valuable. So when I am gone I wish my legacy to be the Gift of Life. 

To me, my body is no longer of use, my soul will have passed on. In reality my body is just flesh that will eventually decay and become useless. By joining the donor register my body doesn’t have to be useless. My organs will become precious and could change someone else’s life. More than that it could save their life. 

If you have watched the Channel 5 documentary ‘Gift of Life’ then I don’t think my wishes need any further explanation. If you haven’t then I urge you to watch just one episode, for it shows the stark reality of what it is like to be on the transplant list. 

Not everyone on that list will be lucky, what with having to wait for their turn, wait for a suitable match, a free surgeon, dealing with the irony of being sick but not sick enough to be at the top of that list. 

Or missing that pivotal point before you become too sick so that the operation would be too dangerous and you wouldn’t survive it. Yes, the reality is last year over 1300 people died whislt on the transplant list. 

Currently there are over 7000 people playing that waiting game. My thoughts are what if that was my child, husband, parent or friend? Or even me.

For the lucky one’s their life will be changed forever. It’s not just about prolonging their life but improving the quality of life no matter how long someone has left to live. 

Life is a gamble and tommorow anyone of us could have an accident and be killed. Yes morbid but true, even for that lucky person that has just received a new heart. It doesn’t mean that it it would have been wasted though as that person would have been given a chance.

That’s what it’s about, giving people a chance to live their life without limits. Enabling them to do the things they couldn’t before they got sick. That life may be safe and sedatory or one that’s lived to the full experiencing adventure that is just that little bit risky. A transplant though gives that person a choice to take their own chances.

So yes, I have signed up for the donor register because I feel everyone deserves that chance. By me joining it narrows the odds just that little bit more. 

I appreciate this is a very personal choice for everyone but if I’ve convinced just one more person to join me on that register it will narrow the odds even more. 

I also hope that when I’m gone my loved ones regardless of personal thoughts about organ donation will respect my wishes. Obviously by then it will be out my hands, but I will have done my bit. I would hope that they would gain comfort from the fact that a little bit of me will live on in others. 

If you want to join the Organ Donor Register too it takes just 2 minutes

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Thank you for taking the time to read today’s slightly different post. 

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