Vegas Travel Diary – Day 2

So, we have had a bit of a vegas fail today. Yesterday evening after spending some time by the pool we where to have a ‘nap’ before heading out for the evening. Umm 12 hours later we have woken up. Whoops!! Hopefully though we are on vegas time now. Damn jetlag! 

This morning we headed out to do some shopping. I had been busting my gut to do this as the self confessed beauty junkie that I am. I was desperate to get inside a Walgreens, CVS and a Sephora. 

Turns out vegas shops don’t  open till midmorning so we had a customary Starbucks. As it’s ‘fall’ I got the chance to try a pumkin spiced latte, and a pumkin and cream cheese muffin. They didn’t disappoint.  

 We managed to visit Walgreens and I did a little bit of shopping. I was very restraint considering. Mind you in my head I was waiting to be let loose in Sephora.

We were feeling brave today and we had a go at some gambling. We stuck to the slots for now. Well I can’t say we have won our millions, but we didn’t loose it all either. I cashed out when I had a decent win and ended up 55 cents up. As we were gambling we had been served a free cocktail so I consider that a win really. 

Keen to make the most of the vegas sun we have spent the afternoon by the pool, sipping yet more cocktails. 


That just about rounds up today. We didn’t get up to much in the evening as we fell asleep again. We are such a disappointment to vegas, oh dear!! 

We have been accosted to attend a time share talk tomorrow, yup HELP!! In return though we will receive some heavily discounted show tickets and some gambling credit. Ha should be interesting. 

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