October Goals – Hit or Miss?

Ever the optimistic I set myself a range of goals for the month of October. Some of these were related to fitness, others to finishing craft projects and another was me trying to get my crap together in a more organised fashion. 

So, how did I get on? 

Increase my run to 15 minutes – HIT!! 

I was so flippin proud of this I basically shouted about it all over Facebook. Yup queue one very unglamorous  sweaty gym selfie.   

Lift 20kg during my arms workout – Hit!! 

I might have moaned about my soar arms to the Husband for days on end afterward but I’ve done. Just need to work on ot being consistant now. 

Finish Knitting my sisters tea cosy – Fail!! 

So I’ve made progress, but it’s still not finished. It will happen though soon though I promise Ash x

Complete the puzzle that had so far taken me 3 years – Hit!!

Ta Dah!!!  

It took me far longer than I intended but now it’s down. I can legit say I can buy a new one now, though I’m hoping Father Christmas drops one down my chimney. 

Sort out my Kitchen Cupboards – Fail!! 

Ughh yeah, this was a big fat fail. They are still a mess, and I’m still bitching about it. Perhaps I’m going to have to roll this one over? 

I can’t actually remember now if I had set any other goals. Generally it has been a mixed bag of Hit and Misses. Im stupidly proud of hitting some fitness goals though. 

Having been in a situation that I suffered with pain and mobility problems I don’t take my body for granted now. When you put your mind to it’s amazing what the human body is capable of. 

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