Take 3 Beauty Samples 

I seem to constantly have a stash of beauty samples sitting about not doing very much. Unless of course it’s a product that I have been desperate to try, then it will be ripped into ASAP. 

In the interest of using some of these up I started doing a monthly take 3 beauty samples first impressions post. Now I would say it’s actually been about three months since I have produced one of these posts. Slacking!! I know. 

It’s about time I made use of some of those samples then. 

The three product samples  I have been testing out are;

  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +
  • Bliss The Youth as we Know It anti-aging moisture cream
  • Vichy Dermablend Foundation – Opal

My views on these products are primarily a first impressions, so do keep that in mind. The Effaclar Duo however is a slightly bigger sample so I have had a few days usage of this.

I have been using this as a topical treatment for spots and old scaring from old breakouts. It actually is doing a great job at preventing any minor outbreaks from becoming worse. I also feel that it is fading the stubborn acne scar on my cheek. 

I am impressed with this and would buy the full size product. 

This sample was only enough for one use so I cannot comment on how effective it is. 

The formula is very rich and did skin in to the skin nicely without any greasiness. 

I found it add an odd herble scent that I was not keen on. The snell didn’t longer though so. 


The formula of this foundation was a lot thicker than I was expecting. 

The foundation doesn’t blend well with just your finger tips  so I used my real techniques buffing brush. This worked much better and provided a nice even level of coverage. 

I didn’t feel that this lasted as long as some of my other foundations as it started to break down and look patchy by the early afternoon. 

As there are other foundations I prefer I wouldn’t purchase the full size of this. 

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think of them? Processed with Moldiv