Stop banging on about contraception!

Well….Everything about that statement is rather controversial, but hear me out on this one. 

I’m a women in my 30’s, I’m married and have three children. So I’m pretty sure I know all about the birds and the bees by now. 

Yes okay I’m of child bearing age and don’t exactly want to be having anymore children, I’ve said that in the past on here. However every time I go to the doctors for something completely unrelated I get the same old chat. 

Doctor: What contraception are you using?

Me: Errr..Condoms

Doctoe: Are you actively trying for a baby?

Me: …err nope. I wouldn’t be using the above if I was!

Doctor: What about the pill, have you considered that?

Me: I’ve tried most of them it sends me crazy.

Doctor: Have you tried the mini pill?

Me: Yes same as the above, lets describe it as irrational behaviour inducing. I can’t take the pill! 

Doctor: Really?? Have you thought about trying a coil? 

Me: Tampons irritate me there so there is no way anything else is being inserted in my private bits. (Sorry major over share). This is an actual conversation i’ve had to have with the Doctors , both male and female. Big big cringe! 

Hubby and I are happy to leave things as they are thank you. 

It’s the same scenario every time I visit the  Doctors. 

My sister is 29, I’ve brought this up with her and she has exactly the same experience. Visit for (insert ailment), lets start pushing contraception on you. 

Why is this? Is it because of our age? Are they on commission? Is there some box they have to tick on their computer saying they have discussed this? 

Whatever it is it drives me insane, if I wanted to discuss contraception with you Doctor I’d have brought it up already. 

I get that unwanted pregnancies are serious, but I’m not a teenager anymore I don’t need constantly reminding to be careful. 

I’m also not sleeping around with random men, besides even if I was my old fashioned condom method has that covered anyway. 

I want to know whether this is the norm for everywomen or whether it’s because I’m on certain medications. 

Either way it is not only annoying but can be really embarrassing. 

Do you experience this when you visit your Doctor? Does it bother you? 

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2 thoughts on “Stop banging on about contraception!”

  1. How strange, I’m 21 and they literally never bring that up in conversation to me. Maybe because they know I’m all sorted on that front but unless Ive brought it up they never have. Perhaps its because they have no record of you having contraception, e.g you don’t get regular prescriptions for the pill or they have no history of you having the coil/implant/injection etc. Annoying though so I see your frustration! xxx

    1. It’s the constantly having to repeat myself that’s annoying. I think I’m going to go wearing a very large badge next time. “Contraception, I’m sorted!”
      Might get a few strange looks though lol x

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