Facemask Friday with DHC a-Arbutin White Mask

It’s Friday!! I’m happy as that means I get a little bit of a lie in tomorrow. It also means sharing with you the latest Facemask I have been trying out. 

This week I’m getting all exotic on you with a Japanese sheet mask. Available from Essential DHC’s a-Arbutin White Mask will set you back £3.75. It’s main objective is to combat skin dullness and discolouration. 

The mask itself is a sheet mask soaked in a generous amount of hydrating serum. It clung fairly well to the skin and was very comfortable and refreshing to wear. To help keep it in place I found lying back and relaxing for the suggested 20 minutes wear time helpful. 

One thing though, you do look rather scary. I’m thinking a cross between a burns victim and the killer from the ‘Halloween’ films. Nice???


The key ingredient in this mask is alpha-arbutin which is a skin brightener. It also claims to hydrate the skin. The key question then, does it work? 

As you can see from the picture below, taken immediately after wear, it does leave the skin with a bright glowiness to it. It does a great job of creating that ‘lit from within’ look to the skin.

 I can’t say my skin felt particularly hydrated though and the brightening effect is only short term. 


If I was to use one of these masks again I would use it as a pre ‘going out’ treatment as I loved how my skin looked in the immediate couple of hours after using it. 

I don’t feel I would reach for this as part of my regular skincare routine though as it didn’t leave my skin feeling nourished enough. Despite that It is still a nice mask, it just doesn’t offer everything I look for in a regular use mask. 

What sort of Facemask do you like to use? 

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