#Mummy Monday – New Year Mummy Resolutions 

Happy new to you all!! I Hope you all had a great Christmas. 

Today most of my kids are back at school so hopefully I shall have more time for getting back to blogging. Yes I’m aware I’ve been a bit MIA. 

Put it this way, since Father Christmas visited every time I turn my back the kids have trashed the the house again with their new toys. I tidy it up to what is as near to spotless as I’m ever going to get and low and behold the little buggers do it again. Aggggghhhhh!!! 

Whilst we are on the subject of mummy issues I thought it would be a good time to share my new year mummy resolutions. I’m going to stick to them this year as well, honest!!

  1. I will not make you late for school. Yes I’m terrible at this, I am soo not a morning person. Thank God it’s winter and I can get away with rolling out of bed and shoving a bobble hat on my messy bed hair. No one needs to know I’ve barely managed to drag a brush through it before the school gates are opening.
  2. Baked beans on toast will not be passed off as dinner. Or anything else on toast for that matter! I am rather guilty of using the excuse of Daddy is on lates you don’t need a real dinner. Yes sorry you deserve more of an effort. 
  3. I promise not to dish your food up on plastic plates anymore. At 8, 12 an 14 I’m sure you can cope with a China plate. My excuse? They have been at the top of the plate pile for years and I’m too lazy to get the China ones from bellow. Ummm, may just have to hide the plastic ones. 
  4. Hunting for clean socks and pants in the morning is no longer necessary. No I’m not going to be on top of the washing, don’t be daft! I’ve bought you all new ones instead so you now have double the amount. Yes I’m one of those, no clean undies? Oh well must be time to buy some more! 
  5. I will not pinch you chocolate. Yes sorry, but sometimes my pre menstrual cravings get the better of me. In the same breath if I do I won’t blame it on daddy anymore. Ha ha, the poor man has taken the blame so many times.  

So my darling kiddies we will see how long this lasts? No longer being late for school…..umm about a week! 

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