My ‘Back to Lush’ Experience & ‘Don’t look at me’ Facemask review 

Long term readers of will know that Im a little bit of a Lush junky.

It wasn’t too difficult then for me to save up five empty pots. Why? Well I was able to return them to my local Lush store and trade them in for a free full size fresh Facemask. 


This is perfect for me at the moment as it has settled any spendy urges I had without actually parting with any money. Bonus then, as Christmas has left me pinching the pennies! 

It was super easy, and the helpful assistant helped me to select a new mask to try out. 

As its actually starting to feel like winter now I decided I wanted something that would give my skin a little TLC. Yup my complexion is starting to look a little bit on the grey and lack lustre side. 

In the end I opted for Don’t look at me now a bright blue mask containing super moisturising murumuru butter, brightening lemon juice and ground rice for a mild exfoliation. 


So how did I get on with the Facemask? 

If you have sensitive skin or sore patches on your face then this is not the Facemask for you. The lemon juice is going to sting. 

My skin is not particularly sensitive so I just felt a mild initial tingle that eased off as the mask dried.

I was concerned that the scrubby bits off ground rice would scratch when I removed the mask but actually with a hot flannel it was okay. 

My skin was left feeling very clean and looking nice and bright. (We will just pretend I haven’t got loads of hormonal spots at the moment)   
Have you made use of the back to lush service before? What Facemask to you pick? Processed with Moldiv

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